1. Boarcraft is a custom vanilla WoW project currently in development
  2. Check out the servers concept and features in the about section
  3. A public test realm is live allowing you to get a taste of the Boarcraft experience and help test features and find bugs

How to play

  1. Download & install a WoW 1.12.1/1.12.2 client
  2. Windows: download patch-5.MPQ. Mac: download patch-M.MPQ. Version: 1.0.6, Apr 15th.
  3. Put the custom patch file in the 'Data' folder inside your WoW folder with the rest of the *.MPQ files
  4. Windows only: Download BoarcraftWoW.zip containing a custom Boarcraft WoW.exe client, which allows custom interface changes needed to make talents available at lvl 1
  5. Windows only: Extract BoarcraftWoW.zip in your WoW folder and use Boarcraft WoW.exe when playing on Boarcraft. (The file works fine for other servers too in case you only want to use one file. A Mac client is coming soon.)
  6. Go to Server Registration and create an account
  7. Set the contents of your realmlist.wtf file in your WoW folder to: set realmlist play.boarcraft.net
  8. Delete your 'WDB' folder to clear cached data if you have been on other servers or if Boarcraft got updated.
  9. Login and check out the server!

The custom patch file is needed for item/spell tooltips to display the correct values, since a lot of things are scaled down.

How to help by testing and providing feedback

  1. Check out what currently needs testing on the development board
  2. Comment on the board if you have any feedback or did some tests
  3. Add bugs you find to the bug tracker